Source code for glue.viewers.common.state

from echo import CallbackProperty, ListCallbackProperty

from glue.core.state_objects import State

__all__ = ['ViewerState', 'LayerState']

[docs]class ViewerState(State): """ A base class for all viewer states. """ layers = ListCallbackProperty(docstring='A collection of all layers in the viewer') title = CallbackProperty(docstring='The title of the viewer')
[docs] @property def layers_data(self): return [layer_state.layer for layer_state in self.layers]
[docs]class LayerState(State): """ A base class for all layer states. """ layer = CallbackProperty(docstring='The :class:`` or ' ':class:`~glue.core.subset.Subset` ' 'represented by the layer') zorder = CallbackProperty(0, docstring='A value used to indicate which ' 'layers are shown in front of which ' '(larger zorder values are on top of ' 'other layers)') visible = CallbackProperty(True, docstring='Whether the layer is currently visible') def __init__(self, viewer_state=None, **kwargs): super(LayerState, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.viewer_state = viewer_state def __repr__(self): if self.layer is None: return "%s with layer unset" % (self.__class__.__name__) else: return "%s for %s" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.layer.label)